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24-30 December 2013
India Today Telugu
India Today Telugu / 24–30 DEC 2013 Digital Magazine 24-30 December 2013

India Today Telugu Magazine 24-30 December 2013

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Release Date: 24 December 2013.

Highlights of India Today Telugu issue dated December 24th, 2013. The issue carried “Scramble for Seemandhra" as cover. The story about the recent developments on state bifurcation. The YSR Congress and the TDP are racing to bag the maximum possible support as the staunch campaigners for a United Andhra Pradesh in the Seemandhra region. This is only political posturing in anticipation of the bill carving Telangana coming before Parliament possibly next week. The ruling Congress is lagging behind the two parties in trying to gain electoral supremacy in the 13 districts outside Telangana. The parties have replaced the seemingly apolitical APNGOs and are locked in game of one-upmanship between three major parties TDP, Congress and YSRCP.

A Story from English edition on recent Assembly polls analyse the results of the verdict of five and the reasons behind the surge of saffron party and how The Rise of Everyman in the gains of the Aam Aadmi Party.

Imagining India if it were freed of the many problems that plague it today "What If-India Tomorrow" and Stories on Women's issues "The Awakening" stories also carried.

Regulars like Snippets on Telugu film industry has been carried

Language : Telugu
Country : India
Publisher : Living Media India Limited
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