A Bride Worth Waiting for

Caroline Anderson

The Way She Wears It

Dallas Shaw
-Not Available-

Her Sheikh Boss

Carol Grace

The Shattered Tree

Charles Todd
-Not Available-

Dereliction of Duty

H. R. McMaster
-Not Available-

The Sheikh's Innocent Bride

Lynne Graham

The Italian Boss's Secret Child

Trish Morey

High-Society Secret Pregnancy

Maureen Child

The Boss's Mistress

Kathryn Ross

Like a Hurricane

Roxanne St. Claire

Falling for Prince Federico

Nicole Burnham

A Study in Scoundrels

Christy Carlyle
-Not Available-

A Simple Favor

Darcey Bell
-Not Available-

Red Leaves

Paullina Simons
-Not Available-

Sunshine State

Sarah Gerard
-Not Available-

The Daddy Track

Allison Leigh

Always the Groomsman

Gina Wilkins
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