Manga Books

The Royal Baby Revelation

Sharon Kendrick

Taking Risks

Sharon Kendrick

Princess from the Past

Caitlin Crews

Blind Date with the Boss

Barbara Hannay

Have Baby, Need Billionaire

Maureen Child

Manhattan Boss, Diamond Proposal

Trish Wylie

Have Bride, Need Groom

Maureen Child

Overtime in the Boss's Bed

Nicola Marsh

Bargained into Her Boss's Bed

Emily Arsenault

Sleeping with the Boss

Maureen Child

Sins of the Past

Elizabeth Power

Mystery Lover

Day LeClaire

Blind-Date Bride

Lori Herter

Taking It All

Sharon Kendrick

The Bride Prize

Susan Fox

Katrakis's Last Mistress

Caitlin Crews

Kat's Pride

Sharon Kendrick

Androletti's Mistress

Melanie Milburne

The Reluctant Fiancee

Jacqueline Baird

Emily's Innocence

India Grey
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